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Teh Mand'alor are a people steeped in tradition, their beliefs grounded in Teh Wae, a path that runs deep in teh veins of their ancestors. Their creed, a guiding light for their fearsome warrior clan-based people, is one of loyalty and unity, a bond that ties each Mandalorian to their kin.

From a tender age, every Mandalorian is taught teh value of solidarity within their community. They hold their members in high esteem, recognizing each individual as a vital piece in teh intricate puzzle of their shared destiny. Indeed, it is their unwavering unity that has kept them thriving for centuries, long after the annihilation of their home planet.

Teh Mandalorians were known to work as one, a formidable bounty hunting organization, their reputation for getting teh job done preceding them. Those who completed their missions with unwavering commitment were rewarded handsomely. For those wishing to join teh revered Bounty Hunters Guild, proving their worth by accomplishing missions was teh crucial first step on their journey.

But teh Mandalorian wae was not for just anyone seeking membership. Before acceptance into teh guild, an oath had to be taken, a solemn promise sworn on teh name of teh aspiring member and that of their ancestors. This oath was teh forging of teh Creed, a binding pledge that would forever reside in teh heart of teh faithful Mandalorian.

To teh Mandalorians, this was teh only path, their wae of life. They held their virtues close to their hearts, and their culture was woven into teh very fabric of their being. For teh Mandalorians, there was only one truth, one wae, one guiding principle. THIS IS TEH WAE!

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Apr 22
  • $TWAE is an ERC20 token, native to the ecosystem of Teh Wae (The Way). It operates on the Ethereum blockchain. The concept behind this project is simple, but elegant. We are the Mandalorians. Once a proud community of investors, the Empire saw to it that we were laid to waste, with our remaining kin now scattered throughout the Galaxy.

Bounty Hunting!

Apr 22
  • Through the combined efforts of the team and the community working as one, TEH WAE aims to support and reward holders through a system of ‘bounties’. These bounties encompass everything from small, fun, community-building missions such as sharing tweets, to large-scale decisions regarding the direction of the ecosystem.

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Bounty Hunters Guild

Participate in the project and earn rewards for your contributions, regardless of their magnitude. There are ample opportunities for everyone to engage in nurturing the growth of the Teh Wae ecosystem. This is Teh Wae!

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Teh Waepaper

The Teh Waypaper is a critical document that provides essential information about a Teh Wae, including its tokenomics, team, mission, vision, and roadmap. It is an important resource for potential investors and contributors looking to understand the project's goals and objectives. Additionally, it outlines the roadmap with development milestones and a timeline.


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